Vadagam (Fryums)

Vadagam is a crisp and tasty side dish that goes well with any rice based meal, just like chips, crisps or French fries.It blends well with the main dish. It can be eaten as a snack along with coffee, tea, etc in the evenings or in-between meals.Rice vadagam is made with rice flour and sago which is called “javvarisi” in Tamil and “sabudana” in Hindi. Sago is processed from Tapioca (Cassava). Normally making vadagam is a time consuming process but here in this method I have given a simple & uncomplicated way of making this dish.



Cooking Time: 3 hours (over 2 days)


1. Raw rice: 500 grams
2. Sago Pearls- “javvarisi” (Big variety): 100 grams
3. Lime: 1
4. Salt: 1.5 teaspoon
5. Green Chilies: 6 nos

You will need a “muruku maker” for making vadagam

Vadagam 2


Clean the rice and along with sago pearls get it ground to a smooth powder preferably in a rice flour mill. As it is a bit difficult to grind the sago in a blender to a smooth consistency, it is better to get it done in a rice flour mill. Grind the green chilies to a smooth paste. Now measure the rice, sago flour and take double the quantity of water in a big pressure cooker. When the water is boiling well, add the salt and green chili paste and remove from the stove. Now start adding the rice sago powder to the water, slowly stirring it.

After adding the entire rice, sago flour, close the cooker with the lid and weight. This mixing of water and rice sago flour can be done in the night and left overnight.  The next day early morning, squeeze the lime over the mixture and stir well. Now the dough is cold, smooth and easy for handling and pressing. Add a handful of this dough to the “muruku maker” and squeeze it over a clean plastic sheet for drying in the hot sun. This can be dried 3-4 days in the hot sun continuously and store it in airtight containers.

Tips: Vadagams can be easily stored for a year.

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