Idly Podi – Idli Podi

Idly ir Idli is the most common breakfast item you can find in a South Indian kitchen.  It is eaten along with sauces like Sambar or accompaniments like Chutney and Idly Podi.  Idly Podi is made with roasted, powdered and seasoned dry dhals.  It is hot and spicy and normally mixed in gingelly oil and eaten with idly.

Idly Podi 1

Cooking Time: 20 minutes


1. Urad Dhal (skin removed): 1 cup or 150 grams
2. Bengalgram Dhal: 1/2 Cup or 75 grams
3. Sesame seeds ( til ) : 2 table spoon or 20 grams
4. Dry Red chili : 15 no
5. Asafoetida: Small  piece ( 0.25 teaspoon)
6. Salt: 1 teaspoon
7. Garlic : 2 pods


Roast the dhals separately without oil in a vessel till they change color turning light brown.  Roast the Sesame seeds for a few seconds, they will start spluttering soon. Then roast the dry red chili and the asafoetida .  Wait for the ingredients to cool and blend along with salt and garlic into a coarse powder.

Tips: Adding a handful of dry roasted curry leaves is an option. This Idly Podi can be stored for months in containers.

Idly Podi 2

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