Tamil Nadu Recipes http://tamilnadurecipes.co South Indian Recipes from the state of Tamil Nadu in Southern India Wed, 15 Aug 2018 05:57:58 +0000 en hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.8 Gulab Jamun http://tamilnadurecipes.co/gulab-jamun/ http://tamilnadurecipes.co/gulab-jamun/#respond Wed, 15 Aug 2018 05:57:50 +0000 http://tamilnadurecipes.co/?p=671 Gulab Jamun Hot or cold Gulab Jamun can be consumed at all times and is relished by many people, not only in the southern India but across the country. The ingredients are milk solids and sugar mainly. Though readily available packed gulab jamun mix is there in the market, making them at home with your …

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MUTTON FRY WITH BABY POTATOES http://tamilnadurecipes.co/mutton-fry-with-baby-potatoes/ http://tamilnadurecipes.co/mutton-fry-with-baby-potatoes/#respond Wed, 13 Jun 2018 06:01:47 +0000 http://tamilnadurecipes.co/?p=660 Mutton Fry With Potatoes Most of the non vegetarians relish a meal with mutton fry with potatoes. Any simple meal becomes a delicious one with this side dish of fried mutton with baby potatoes. This mutton fry is a good accompaniment for any rice based meal and it is easy to make too. COOKING TIME: …

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BAJJI (BANANA – ONION ) http://tamilnadurecipes.co/bajji-raw-banana-onion-vazhakai-venkaiyam/ http://tamilnadurecipes.co/bajji-raw-banana-onion-vazhakai-venkaiyam/#respond Sat, 14 Apr 2018 07:10:06 +0000 http://tamilnadurecipes.co/?p=652 BAJJI Any occasion and any time is suitable to have the snacks like Bajji, Bonda, Vada and Pakoda. Though “Bajji” is an oily dish, it is a filling snack which can be consumed along with either a cup of coffee or tea. One is sure to find them in every tea shop in any street …

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Fish Cutlet http://tamilnadurecipes.co/fish-cutlet/ http://tamilnadurecipes.co/fish-cutlet/#respond Thu, 15 Feb 2018 05:35:05 +0000 http://tamilnadurecipes.co/?p=641 Fish Cutlet Fish cutlet is a favorite item of almost every one.   It can be relished along with rice based meals either for lunch or dinner or eaten just like that as a snack item along with either coffee or tea at any time of the day.  The making of it takes a longer time as …

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ROSE COOKIES (ACHU MURUKU) http://tamilnadurecipes.co/rose-cookies-achu-muruku/ http://tamilnadurecipes.co/rose-cookies-achu-muruku/#respond Sat, 23 Dec 2017 11:33:16 +0000 http://tamilnadurecipes.co/?p=628 Rose Cookies known as Achu Muruku in Tamil is one of the favorite items prepared during festivals, especially by the Christians in the Southern part of India as well as in Goa.  This dish is sure to get a place in the platter of  cookies prepared by the Anglo Indian households during Christmas season.  It is easy to …

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