Drumstick tree is a common drought-resistant tree found throughout the State of TamilNadu.  Drumsticks which are the tender seed pods of the tree are most sought after vegetable for it enhances the taste of the every day curry ” Sambhar” we make.  Along with the drumstick, the leaves and flowers are also consumed.  Here I am giving a recipe with the main ingredient flowers as it blooms in abundance in the beginning of summer here. This dish made with Moring Flowers can be a side dish for any meal or can be consumed alone as a snack item too.

Moringa Flower Recipe



1. Drumstick Flowers : 3 Cups
2. Onion : 1
3. G. Chili : 1
4. Garlic cloves : 4
5. Pepper Powder : 1.5 Teaspoon
6. Boiled Peanut : 0.5 Cup
7. Lime :  1/2
8. Salt : 1 Teaspoon
9. Oil : 1 Tablespoon


Wash the Drumstick flowers and keep them.  Peel the onion.  Chop the onion, G.chili and Garlic cloves.  Keep the frying pan over low flame and pour oil.  Fry lightly the chopped onion and add the G.chili, Garlic followed by the flowers. Continue to fry for 5 minutes carefully turning the flowers.  Then add the salt, pepper powder and the boiled peanuts.  Cook for another 2,3 minutes.  Finally, squeeze the lime over it and serve it hot.

Tips:  You can add  Coconut gratings ( 0.25 Cup) instead of Lime juice.

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