In Tamil Nadu it is common to come across this particular tasty panam kizhangu or palmyra sprout which is also known as Palmyra Tuber being sold in bunches.  It is  a sprout which grows from the seed of the Palymra fruit and it is full of fibre and nutrition.   The Palmyra tree is a  hardy tree which you will find in abundance in the extreme south of Tamil Nadu. Now the Tamil Nadu Government is encouraging the people to go for the planting of the native Palymyra trees, seeing its huge benefits.  Here I have come out with a recipe which instructs how it is prepared normally.


COOKING TIME : 45 minutes

1.  Palmyra Sprout ( Tuber ) : 6 No ( 500 grams )
2. Salt : 0.5 Teaspoon
3. Turmeric Powder : 0.5 Teaspoon
4. G. Chili : 1
5. Garlic Cloves : 4 No
6. Cumin : 1 Teaspoon

METHOD :    

Remove the outer skin of the sprouts.  Chop off the top as well as the tiny end  of
the long sprouts.  Apply Turmeric Powder and salt over the Palmyra Sprouts and steam them either using an ” Idly mold” or regular pressure cooker with water.  It takes more time to cook the palmyra sprouts in the “Idly mold”, nearly 15 to 20 minutes in it.  But in a pressure cooker, it is done within 10 minutes. If you are using the pressure cooker for steaming, do not put the weight.    After they are cooked well, chop them into small pieces.  You will have to remove the fibre constantly.  Take the Green chilli, Garlic Cloves and Cumin along with the chopped Palmyra Sprouts and pound them in a  stone pestle to a coarse pulp.      Make small balls out of the pulp and relish them.  


Tips:    The Palmyra Sprouts can be relished, steamed and eaten without adding any other ingredients too.  Once they are steamed, they can be dried in sun for future use.

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