Kula Puttu
Puttu is a breakfast dish prepared with mainly raw rice and eaten along with Coconut gratings, sugar or jaggery, Banana, milk  and ghee etc of your choice.  Some people do not have  “puttu” without  their usual “kadala ”  ( chikpea, channa ) curry. Since “puttu” is steamed, it is easy for digestion prepared without  using oil etc.
The rice flour can be either made at home in our own blender in small quantities or get it done in the flour mill.  If a large portion of puttu is made at the flour mill, care has to be taken to see that it is well fried and preserved for future use. The steaming of the rice flour can be done using a clean muslin cloth in our own “idli ” vessel or using a special “puttu maker” vessel.
Cooking Time : 2 hours ( including the time for soaking of rice for an hour )
Servings : 3


1.  Raw rice : 2 Cups
2. Water : 0.25 Cup
3. Coconut gratings : 0. 5 Cup
4. Salt : 0. 25 Teaspoon
5. Sugar or Jaggery : 0.25 Cup
Wash and soak raw rice in water for an hour.  Drain out water completely.  And
grind it in a blender to make rice flour.  Using a sieve, fine rice flour can be obtained.  The rice flour need not be very soft for “puttu”.  In an empty skillet, get the rice flour fried lightly for about 5  minutes till the dampness of the rice flour goes.  Dissolve the salt in the water in a cup and sprinkle it over the flour and knead it thoroughly. The rice flour becomes soft to the touch and it should resemble bread crumbs.
Now it is ready  for steaming.  In the special puttu maker,one tablespoon of  the coconut gratings should be  first put at the bottom of the cylindrical  vessel and then the soft rice flour added and finally coconut gratings on the top.  It takes nearly ten minutes to get the rice flour steamed well.  Ifyou are using  the cloth in the regular “idli maker or cooker, you can put the entire rice flour and allow it to get steamed for ten minutes.  Adding sugar or jaggery to the puttu depends upon one’s taste and choice.
Kula Puttu
Kula Puttu
Tips:  Some persons like to add hot ghee, cardamom, ripe banana or hot milk to the steamed puttu.  Preparing “kadala curry” to go with the puttu is another recipe itself.